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sotp :: june 2015

Here's a quick and dirty SOTP that I want to put up while I have the time because this Friday (6/5), I'll be headed to Vegas and Colorado for vaca and won't be returning until 6/15. This is just to help me figure out if anyone wants to set up private threads that can be linked for the month of June because I'm sure that tagging into gatherings will be a wise choice for me.

NEWT is just chillin'. His sweet Seymour has gone on to a better parasitic place, so he's back to splitting his focus between work and his wife :D I don't have much in the way of actual plotting plans with him so it might be nice to get him involved with something. If anyone has any ideas or wants to start something up with him, don't hesitate to let me know!

KILI has been practicing with the bow he got as an item this month and trying to figure out the best way to go about trying to move forward bit by bit in his relationship with Tauriel. Things are confusing for him in that area, at best, because he has so many more memories of their time together in Arda than she does; but other than that, he's doing his best to drive his brother mad at any and every opportunity. I'm planning on throwing him into vampire slayage territory with Padme, but I'm still very keen on the idea of him being part of a little Darrow vigilante group so if anyone really is interested in joining in on something like that, I would love to plot out some details! :D Kili is also a character who is always prone to making new friends, provided they aren't assholes about his height, so new friends are very welcome.

REID is still getting used to being in the city. He's taken a step toward finding a friend in Luke, and he has some lovely threads going on in his debut that I'm enjoying. I can see him developing friendships with everyone there, so that's fantastic. I would love for him to meet more people in law enforcement, of course, because I would like to eventually say that he's got a job consulting for the Darrow police. He's met Russell at a crime scene, so he's already on the hunt for a gig. Eventually, I'd like to plot out arcs for a few different unsubs, one of which will likely include something supernatural like demons or vampires. If anyone wants to play a part in the case, whether it be as a victim or just someone who we could work out being helpful to him in solving it, I'd definitely want to hear from you.
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Derek is down for vigilantism with Kili et al! He's been sort of a freelance vigilante when the situation arose anyway, so it definitely isn't a leap for him.

And if you need some sort of supernatural consultant for Reid's case, he's available. It would be interesting to see if maybe there was a werewolf killing people (a Darrow native one, obviously) because Derek would definitely take issue with that and want to pitch in.

I know you're going on vaca so slowtagging is totally cool with me, if you need it.
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lmaooo poor derek. XD

well i have actually been hinting in some tags that the vampire population is rising, and derek is super pressed about it and wants to do something. in oliver's post it was stated that derek has been kind of walking around keeping an eye out for vampires bc so many people keep getting attacked. so if you want to tie those two things together maybe, i'd be down.

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I might have something up for Mindy's birthday, but I'm not sure yet. Otherwise, I'm up for a private thread with her and Newt? And, also, she should meet Kili, because she thinks the dwarves from The Hobbit are really hot and awesome (or, at least, Mindy K does, and I like to believe Lahiri wouldn't be far off...)

Have a good trip!
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I guess I only just dreamt that I replied to this. I suck with accomplishing anything, you want me to plan to, Erika? :p I'm happy with a random interaction. He can always bug her about Danny?

Edit: Autocorrect doesn't recognise your name.
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I think you already know this, but just to reiterate, I am 100% interested in getting Fili (and Padme obvs) in on this vigilante group thing. LET'S DO IT :D

Also I think we need more Durin bros threads that aren't ~dramatic~, be it post-vampire slayage HOW STUPID ARE YOU ALSO ARE YOU BLEEDING ALSO NEXT TIME WAKE ME UP YOU IDIOT nonsense or something totally different. And both of mine are available to get involved in any cases Reid's investigating, in any capacity!
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Yes, good, I am in favor of all of this. We should probably have a post at some point for everyone interested in the vigilante group. More dumb bro shenanigans for always (and yes please to a private post), and I have the suspicion that Reid and Fili would either work very well together or not at all, so that'll be super fun. (Speaking of super fun, I'm half tempted to throw Rae at Reid because LAWD.)
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Oh my god I didn't even think of the doppelganger thing? I was just thinking of their personalities but that would make it EVEN BETTER. And actually, I kind of want Rae to meet Reid under vampire-related circumstances? Not this EP, I'm not putting all three of mine in it, but if he's at a crime scene or something, idk. Mostly because she'll be all WHAT'S THAT YOU SAY MR. FBI MAN THIS MAN WAS KILLED BY A VAMPIRE I WOULD NEVER HAVE GUESSED I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ANY OF THIS WHAT'S A VAMPIRE I'VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF VAMPIRES HOW DARE YOU AND HOW DO I KNOW, FRANKLY, THAT YOU AREN'T A VAMPIRE? CHECK AND MATE.
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Christina would absolutely be interested in this vigilante group! And I also think she'd get along well with Reid, too. And I love our thread with Marius and Kili! They are precious and I'm excited to thread them more. And I'm always happy to throw anyone you might want at Newt! Actually, Feely and him could potentially be hilarious. XD
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We talk about this stuff so often that I'm like, do I need to comment? YES, I NEED TO COMMENT.

We should do something with Newt and Kate, though. I miss those idiots getting into trouble since they're so good at it. LET ME THINK ON THAT.

I also really want to get Beth into this vigilante stuff, but I think it might have to be accidental. XD She and Daryl did some vampire fighting recently, so they should talk about that at some point. Also they should be adorable together more.

We've talked lots about Reid, so that all still stands. Russell is 100% willing to be sort of a go-between until he can be hired officially or whatever you might have planned there. I do love the idea of Luke at some point being put in danger with an unsub. >:D IDK, JUST GIVE ME THE THREADS, ALL OF THEM. ALL THE TIME.
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EVERYTHING. THEY SHOULD DO EVERYTHING. They should run into that creepy cop again from the time the stole the tape and he can catch them doing something else. Maybe they should steal someone's entrance package. XD

lmaoooo I think maybe she should run into them while they're vigilate-ing and just get involved and they not be able to get herself uninvolved.

OOOOH, YES, A SMART VAMPIRE. I like this. Maybe he can figure out Luke is a werewolf and hate them for some reason and want to hurt him because of that.
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I am enjoying how Nikita and Reid are analyzing each other while not letting on that they are. It's this entertaining circling behavior. I think his perpetual curiosity and need to dig into things might eventually hit the Stone Wall that is Nikita's refusal to talk about Section, but it'll be really fun to get there.

On a future pup note, I'm remarkably superstitious when it comes to talking about apps, but there may be an app for another Tolkien pup this month. And that is all I will say or the app will be rejected.
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Of course Eowyn will tag Kili, though we should probably see if Fili would have dragged the stray shieldmaiden home to meet his brother at the end of that thread in her debut. :)

Eowyn notes that Kili, Fili, Faramir, and Hild are all in the same hall. She is in a different hall. It may not be long before she tries to change that....