May. 31st, 2015

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Here's a quick and dirty SOTP that I want to put up while I have the time because this Friday (6/5), I'll be headed to Vegas and Colorado for vaca and won't be returning until 6/15. This is just to help me figure out if anyone wants to set up private threads that can be linked for the month of June because I'm sure that tagging into gatherings will be a wise choice for me.

NEWT is just chillin'. His sweet Seymour has gone on to a better parasitic place, so he's back to splitting his focus between work and his wife :D I don't have much in the way of actual plotting plans with him so it might be nice to get him involved with something. If anyone has any ideas or wants to start something up with him, don't hesitate to let me know!

KILI has been practicing with the bow he got as an item this month and trying to figure out the best way to go about trying to move forward bit by bit in his relationship with Tauriel. Things are confusing for him in that area, at best, because he has so many more memories of their time together in Arda than she does; but other than that, he's doing his best to drive his brother mad at any and every opportunity. I'm planning on throwing him into vampire slayage territory with Padme, but I'm still very keen on the idea of him being part of a little Darrow vigilante group so if anyone really is interested in joining in on something like that, I would love to plot out some details! :D Kili is also a character who is always prone to making new friends, provided they aren't assholes about his height, so new friends are very welcome.

REID is still getting used to being in the city. He's taken a step toward finding a friend in Luke, and he has some lovely threads going on in his debut that I'm enjoying. I can see him developing friendships with everyone there, so that's fantastic. I would love for him to meet more people in law enforcement, of course, because I would like to eventually say that he's got a job consulting for the Darrow police. He's met Russell at a crime scene, so he's already on the hunt for a gig. Eventually, I'd like to plot out arcs for a few different unsubs, one of which will likely include something supernatural like demons or vampires. If anyone wants to play a part in the case, whether it be as a victim or just someone who we could work out being helpful to him in solving it, I'd definitely want to hear from you.


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