Nov. 10th, 2015

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STATE OF THE MOI: I'm... actually in quite a good place, which is a far cry from the last time I wrote one of these. I started my new job at the Gecko last week and while I have quite a ways to go in terms of how long training is, I'm already so much happier than I was at the bank. I realized Monday morning that I wasn't dreading going to work, I was in a chipper mood, I actually look forward to learning what we're being taught because I'll be honest, I had zero understanding of how insurance worked before this. I find it interesting, and I love the people who work there already, the ones I've encountered so far have all been so real and honest and kind. It just seems like a great, thriving environment there, and I have so been looking for something like that. Really, really thankful I was able to get away from the poison.

Of course, the computers are heavily monitored at the new job, especially for a new hire. I won't even be on the floor for another five weeks or so, but I definitely won't be able to get on Twitter or do tags or anything like that. For this reason, I ended up buying a Chromebook! I plan on taking it to work and doing tags during breaks and what not. It does make me feel a little detached from what goes on day-to-day, which can send me into a brief bummer mood... but then I remember I'm in a much better situation now.

For the record, the best method of contacting me is Twitter. E-mail is also a good option, that can be found on my Wiki page. And now to the pups!

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