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SOTP November 2015

STATE OF THE MOI: I'm... actually in quite a good place, which is a far cry from the last time I wrote one of these. I started my new job at the Gecko last week and while I have quite a ways to go in terms of how long training is, I'm already so much happier than I was at the bank. I realized Monday morning that I wasn't dreading going to work, I was in a chipper mood, I actually look forward to learning what we're being taught because I'll be honest, I had zero understanding of how insurance worked before this. I find it interesting, and I love the people who work there already, the ones I've encountered so far have all been so real and honest and kind. It just seems like a great, thriving environment there, and I have so been looking for something like that. Really, really thankful I was able to get away from the poison.

Of course, the computers are heavily monitored at the new job, especially for a new hire. I won't even be on the floor for another five weeks or so, but I definitely won't be able to get on Twitter or do tags or anything like that. For this reason, I ended up buying a Chromebook! I plan on taking it to work and doing tags during breaks and what not. It does make me feel a little detached from what goes on day-to-day, which can send me into a brief bummer mood... but then I remember I'm in a much better situation now.

For the record, the best method of contacting me is Twitter. E-mail is also a good option, that can be found on my Wiki page. And now to the pups!



He's leaving Kate to marry a kaiju.

Nah, nah, never. One of the things I actually love most about playing this little fuck is that he can be the most ridiculous person on the planet and somehow not make others hate him. Darrow folk are way more patient than 'Dome folk, apparently. Newt actually does have a plot coming up for the first time in forever, where he'll be helping Kieren with zombie stuff and be ridiculously excited about it because project. It'll probably involve stealth and stealing stuff from other parts of the lab so if anyone who works there wants in on helping him with that aspect of things, I'd love to hear from you!

If you want him for anything else, I'm also always down to give him more to do other than just troll people. He will be helping, in his own way (which will probably just involve a lot of talking and gesturing), with Mindy's new baby so there's that... I can only imagine what a disaster that will turn out to be.

Also? He and Kate have been married for a year now, which is insane. Their first date and wedding anniversary are both on Halloween because they are the most badass. Time flies!


Things have been moving along nicely in his relationship with Tauriel, so he's extremely happy and forever heart eyes on that front. Brad, I do still like that idea you had awhile back about them facing some prejudice against the Dwarf-Elf thing, exploring that sounds like it could be a lot of fun!

In other news, he's been very sadface about Beth being missing, since it's kind of like dealing with his brother being gone all over again; but he's definitely been looking for her and when she gets back from Silent Darrow, he will be on very high alert. She's not allowed to do that again >:O Aside from that, he's pretty much just been coasting so if anyone has any ideas on plot with him, I'd love to hear them. I've had him involved in patrolling parts of the city at night, like the park and the area around Candlewood, but that's kind of been background right now. I'd be up for pretty much anything, though!


This guy. I have so much to say with no idea where to begin. He's currently my pup with the most ongoing threads, and I'm not even really sure how that happened... but I love it. Playing Reid brings me so much joy, especially because he's just so happy with his life right now. Granted, Silent Darrow is messing him up quite a bit because he's dealing with the manifestations of his mom trying to convince him he's schizophrenic, the unsub who tortured and drugged him (thus sending him into a downward Dilaudid addiction spiral years ago) trying to do it all over again, and his ex-girlfriend telling him she blames him for her death. It hasn't played out yet, but he's also going to be forced to shoot her to get out of Silent Darrow, and the guilt, as well as the personal shame of knowing how tempted he'd been to take the Dilaudid, is going to linger.

On the bright side, Luke and Reid will be exchanging their first ~*~I love you~*~ in Silent Darrow very soon, and they'll be officially moving in together once they're out. There's just so much great stuff between them that I'm so excited to play out, IT HAS BEEN AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE DISCUSSED AT LENGTH.

As far as interaction with other characters, I'm really enjoying his developing relationships with Alec, Peter, and Jason. He's got a nice adopted mundane stepfather vibe going with Alec, possibly more of an older brother with Peter and Jason, but he cares a lot about them all. Hild, of course, is also always going to be very close to his heart, and he's already fond of Magnus' glittering personality. I'd love for him to make more friends, possibly out of some of the people he's already established contact with, like informants for the vampire situation. He seems to click best with those in need of guidance and an emotional connection.

On the vampire front, I plan on resolving that by the end of January, and Reid will be getting a partner out of Will Graham, which I'm also super excited about because I think their dynamic is going to be really interesting. Ultimately, all the information that will go into getting this vampire brothel I'm planning shut down will probably just come from some NPC, just for ease of play, but if anyone wants to be involved, we can plot details via e-mail or something. You definitely wouldn't have to wait to do stuff with me in threads, but I do have an idea of how I want it to end.

Oh, Reid will also be adopting a pair of cats. It's a thing, it's going to happen, and I'm sure Luke will be ecstatic about it. I also want to get Reid physically injured in some way because it's fun and I am who I am, and I want it to be an injury that isn't personal just because he can logically deal with those way better than a close attack, like what happened to Newt. I'm thinking maybe getting caught in crossfire during a hostage situation at a bank robbery or something, if anyone might want to throw their pups into the mix during that. It wouldn't happen until after the vampire plot closure, though, so plenty of time to figure that out.


His debut was a little tough, just because of the state he was in after having to deal with something so heartwrenching from his exit point. Being reunited with his wife and daughter has done a lot in making him more dedicated to caring for them and making sure that Demelza never has to doubt how much he loves her. He's pretty much just been learning from her, trying to adapt to the city and all the modern aspects of it. What he needs to do now is figure out how to make money, and I think I'll be lining up odd jobs for him before he finds something more solid. Ross is the kind of person who'd feel like a failure to his family if he wasn't doing something to provide for them and with Demelza looking for work, as well, he's doubly anxious to get started.

Ross is also the sort who tends to get into trouble, usually with the law, but he'd also definitely fight anyone who tried to trash talk his family. While I can't imagine anyone in Darrow would have anything bad to say about Demelza, I might just have him get into a fight with some NPC who'd make a lewd comment about her or something, just so he can get back into the swing of the things that make him Ross. If anyone wants to help him, we can do a private EP for a bar fight or something, that could be fun. All my Aidans be getting into bar fights in this city, must be something in the water.

Basically, Ross just needs more friends at this point. He's loyal to a fault so if you get him on your side, he'll go to great lengths to have your pup's back. Need to hide a body? Just call Ross!

Also? Someone bring him his best friend. LOOK AT THAT GIF UP THERE, YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T DEPRIVE DARROW (OR ROSS OR DEMELZA) OF A DOCTOR DWIGHT! That was a lot of alliteration but still, just do the thing. Okay, thank.


ZACH CROPPER (The Crazy Ones)

He's my currently reserved pup, and HE'S A'COMIN. OH, YES, HE IS. Zach will be a lot of fun to play, I think, just because he's such a weirdo who's also really sweet and suave. Plus, he's single and ready to mingle, which is definitely the opposite of what everyone on my roster is. ALL MY CURRENT PUPS ARE COMMITTED FOR LIFE. Also, he's kind of implied to be bi-curious in canon, and I'd love for him to explore that in Darrow. Probably with someone super confident in their sexuality. That would be fantastic.

(This gif has nothing to do with anything in this post but LOOK AT IT, I AM OBSESSED RIGHT NOW.)


I'll be putting up a private EP for a Dads & Co. Thanksgiving, which will probably be timed to the 20th and linked in December, if that works for those involved. At the moment, the guest list would include Reid and Luke's adopted tots (Alec, Hild, Peter, Jason, and bonus Magnus) but if any of their friends would like to join, feel free to say your pup was invited.

Also in December will be an EP posted to the comm involving all four of my pups. It's basically going to be an animals post, likely with Newt trying to walk Jeff and Cat at the same time, along with Ross walking Garrick, Reid on his way home with his newly adopted kitties... and then there's Kili, he can have pet flowers or something. It'll be a great time to meet them, though Newt and Ross will probably both appear very put out, and it's just something that'll be really light and hopefully fun. Reid, for sure, needs light and fun right now.

I'm always up for private threads, with the disclaimer that sometimes I might be a little slower with tags because of work and subsequent lack of brain power. If that's okay with you, I'd be stoked to set something up for any of my pups! <3333

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