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Because everyone's doin' it........................ also, I haven't done one for 84 years!

State of the Me: For the most part, I'm good! Like, honestly, I feel pretty good. This week, in particular, has been making me pretty anxious but I think it'll blow over by Friday and that's all due to work and my car battery dying. The battery has since been replaced and hopefully the work situation will resolve itself with minimal repercussions >.>

I started acting classes a few weeks ago that have made me so happy and just really inspire me to do more in the way of that line of work. I kind of abandoned that dream years ago because I never thought I could actually do something like that but this year, I've been pushing myself to do things that are a little out of the box. I also got a new keyboard so I can re-learn piano but haven't even had time to take it out the box yet. SOON! I plan to sign up for dancing lessons and in the near future, possibly even singing lessons because I'd ultimately like to audition for some of the shows they put on at the theatre I'm doing the classes at. I just feel... right when I'm doing that kind of thing, you know? That's such a rare feeling, I never want to be anywhere else and time always flies when I'm in the class. Idk, don't look at me, I'll get emotional or something.


Oh, right, I guess I should talk about the pups?????? HERE GOES.


Literally just being his typical, Newt-y self. He got stuck in an elevator and almost murdered Coop so there's some healing that might need to happen there. Also, just minor thing, HE GOT HIS ARM BROKEN BY LINCOLN OVER THOSE 'ROID DRUGS. So if your pup catches him, he's probably still in a sling since it's been about 4 weeks since it happened. I imagine a couple more weeks from now, the fracture should be close to healed. I don't have any particularly big plans for him. Home plot is always somewhere in the back of my mind, but it's also a big commitment so it's still ~pending. Especially considering I somehow managed to add TWO NEW PUPS to my roster between March and April, what even.

In any case, I always like threads with people just wanting to shoot the shit with this guy. He can be pretty much anywhere, which is nice, and if anyone needs him for anything, I'm happy to oblige.


Spencer, Spencer, Spencer. My bae is getting fucked up. Leah and I are doing a thread right now that's dated for this coming Sunday, where Reese will accidentally hit Reid with a truck LMFAO. To be fair, Reid will also be in a car when it happens, going after an unsub who's been wreaking havoc on families every full moon for the past few months. Your pup may have heard about that on the news or something so feel free to incorporate, if you wish. The M.O. is to go after mom-dad-son families, and the mom is always compelled somehow to kill the father, leaving the kid behind. In my head, the unsub is a Super, which might be interesting if/when Team No Machine pursues K.I.R.I.N., but I'm not entirely sure how that all might work out.

In any case, I'll probably do a private post and if anyone close to Reid wants to come visit him in the hospital or something, I'm all for it. My poor angel. Sorry not sorry. Maybe he can help Alec and Magnus wedding plan during forced bed rest :3

Also, he loves his husband and son, this has been a PSA.


Just doing his Ross thang. Still being shady about building a house for his family, but I am planning to finally make that sucker complete by summer. Probably June, since I don't have much going on in the way of personal things right now. One of my best friends is coming for a weeks in May from South Carolina, so I imagine I'll be trying to spend as much time with her as possible, plus NYC trip is happening then, too. June seems best, just because I do want to get it done and the family moved in and Demelza surprised XD

I am considering putting up a post where he's out working on the house in the country all hot and sweaty, a la the gif above... ***eyeballs emoji*** That one, I'd probably do in May.


Han has the whole Sword stealing thing with Philip and Coop lined up so whenever that happens, I'll be good to flow with it. In the meantime, he's hanging out with his usual crowd of Rey and Poe but has also picked up a new ~special interest in Molly. He digs her, okay, it's fine 8))))) Right now, he's mostly just cruising but it would be neat to get him involved in other plots, too, so if anyone has any idea, give me a shout.


Harold is meeting more people outside of Team No Machine, which I quite like. He's also very quietly smug about John and Karen hooking up, shhhhh, it's fine. I'd like to think up some kind of bigger and farther reaching plot for Team No Machine to tackle, possibly involving K.I.R.I.N. like I mentioned before, but I'm also so open to ideas because Finchin' ain't easy, okay????


MY BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS FLOWER. Is there anyone more innocent and pure than Bodhi Rook? THE ANSWER IS NO! I love him so goddamn much, idek. Right now, he's still getting to know Darrow and sticking close to Rogue Fam. He's got a lot of Feelings when it comes to what happened with Rogue One and Scarif, but he's trying to work past it by buying lots of flowers for his faves and also avoiding sleep as much as possible. So he might look like a beautiful, tired bb, but he will always have a smile for you because better that than sit there and talk about everything that is terrible.

I'd love to find him a date or something, even if it doesn't turn out to be something that sticks. A lot of my pups have found love pretty easily and stayed true to the first person they've always been with, I think I'd like to explore dating around for a pup. Obviously, if something clicks and naturally falls into place, I'll be stoked! But also, I am completely open to something like casual dating turning into friendship or something. Someone could also just hurt his feelings, too, because Jyn would beat them up for it and I would pay to see that.


This glorious bish. What do I even say? I'm so happy with his threads right now, there have been dynamics that are already surprising me and others that I love so much I will melt right into the floor. Barba is doing his best to adapt, he's at least good at doing that, but wrapping his head around what it means to be in Darrow is DIFFICULT. He's already lurking around City Hall, so I anticipate he'll be trying to get back into that swing of things as soon as he can. I do wonder if I should make it a job requisite to send him back to law school for a semester because he's required to learn about Darrow-specific law or something... that would really chap his beautiful ass, it might be fun.

My main goal with Barba is really to shift the focus of his life to personal relationships. Everything has been about work for him for years and years so that's my biggest interest, kind of just forcing him to allow people into his life. I think that's also why pretty much forcing him to go to school just so he can go back to doing what he loves would work out nicely. He could work like, a clerk job or something for a little while, and he would hate it and correct everyone and bust in with his opinions all the time but at least he can get close to people. WHETHER HE LIKES IT OR NOT.

So everyone be friends with Barba. Because look at him. FACE.


LFMAO NO! No. I am shocked I've been handling seven pups well enough, considering a lot of them get tags that end up being hella long. In any case, if I were ever to app someone else, it would either by Tomas from The Exorcist or Martin Riggs from the Leathal Weapon TV series. Right now, I can't even consider putting someone on reserve but hey, you never know...


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Not a date but Rey and Bodhi should meet and be determined little sunshines together.
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Oh, man, Raúl Esparza in New York sounds amazing. Have a blast!

I don't know what to request beyond more Newt??? Maybe for Rebecca? He's forever such a delight, Darrow wouldn't be Darrow without his dumb face~

Also, when I've apped lawyers they've to pass a test in Darrow to practice law, ftr, but I think it's up to the player.
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I have no idea if it's on the wiki. I just know that Laine did it with Emmett and I did it with Avery and will be with Rebecca. Better question for a mod than me!
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I'm like 99% sure it's on the wiki somewhere, but I (and the rest of the mods) cannot find it for the life of me, so yes, this is a thing! With any profession requiring specific licensing, or even just school degrees, those credentials can follow them to Darrow, though it's up to the player if they run into any trouble on that front (paperwork lost in the shuffle~ or whatnot). Doctors etc. have to pass a skills test, and in Barba's case, he'd have to pass the Darrow bar exam, but wouldn't actually need to go back to school unless you wanted him to have to deal with that.
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Yeah, she could def help get him in touch with the right people/put in a good word, she's got plenty of connections~ and such. :D

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lmao, we should throw Newt and Harley together sometime, even though Harley doesn't talk very much and is awkward af, just because Kate's pretty much his oldest friend and his awkwardness makes me laugh.

Also okay Eden would totally go on a date with Bodhi, whether it led to something or just friendship, nbd. His face is precious and she is getting back to the frame of mind where she thinks she should at least try dating again maybe because it's been like two fucking years since her boyfriend vamooshed.
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Harley has probably been avoiding it ever happening for exactly that reason, lmaooo, HE KNOWS WHAT NEWT IS LIKE. Private thread?

That sounds excellent! :D Any excuse for my slow-ass self to get more Bodhi tags, man, I'll take it.
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Have so much fun in New York! And I'm glad you're enjoying acting classes. I hope you get a chance to pursue that more because it sounds like something that genuinely makes you happy and that's always a good thing!

I love Newt and Newt and their current thread. I also really love that OG Newt calls him Other Newt. XD It's delightful.

And I'm enjoying Marius with Barba so far! LOL Marius will probably laugh at him a little if he has to go back to school.
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I don't have much to contribute except I'm in love with Harold Finch and Bodhi Rook c ya 8)
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Damen and Ross need to hang again, damnit. Also, at some point, I really really want Sirius to be NOT Padfoot around him, lol.

Bodhi is precious and, while Freddie isn't great at DATING, he would totally take a shine to him, I think. Even if it wouldn't last, and it likely wouldn't because Freddie is the worst.

Also, I always want to throw mine at yours but I'm always scared. SO.
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I am so so so pleased that you're getting into acting/singing/dancing and plan to be the next triple threat on the big white way are having fun and feeling like yourself and achieving dreams, idk, my friends being happy just makes me chinhands every time :D :D :D

I literally never know how to engage any of your pups but they are all wonderful? And I would like to? But WHO?

Why are you so terrible to Reid ;__; Ok anyway, I don't know when this is happening but if/when my werewolf bb gets apped/accepted it'd be interesting/emotional if The Unsub is briefly suspected to be a werewolf. Although Luke might have already had things to say about that. I feel like you should post something about this in the comm, serial killings would totally blow up in a town like Darrow also I am weirdly invested in the "Darrow natives who are suspicious of Supers/immigrants" subculture that clearly exists

Edited 2017-04-20 16:29 (UTC)
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I'm so glad to hear that! :D It definitely makes me want to examine things I've dropped along the way to being a (not really actually) Practical Adult.

Haha, I will probably dump someone on one of yours at a coffee shop, then, or something; I intend to EP almost all of mine in May (Blue almost never needs it, but definitely the boys) so definitely feel free to throw any of yours at mine whenever :)

Lol perhaps I just have a "Reid = trauma" impression in my head between the show, and your Reid. And potentially Spencer back in SC, aw. You probably HAVE been good to him but Reid's such a magnet for tragedy in the show...poor bb. If my pup (aw, so appropriate!) gets accepted I'll definitely hit you up again. But yeah, I think News Items are a good thing to mention. Maybe we should add that to Digest or as a every-so-often thing so we can know what journalist pups have been covering and what people have been watching on TV. Like, what hashtags are people RTing about Darrow, what's on the front page. Etc. I say, as though you have control over that SHRUG

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I kind of want it to be a thing where Coop and Newt get stuck in places every once in awhile. This time elevator, in a month or so, a storage closet where the lock breaks off, after that, a jail cell accidentally.

Alec will welcome the help with the wedding! But he hopes Reid is well enough to be a groomsman too.

Ugh, I loved Harold and Dutch doing stuff we could do that more?

And uh IDK other things right now! But, if you have ideas, shoot them at me!
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Can Harold adopt all my pups?
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Oh wait I do have something of possible substance to add: 500 years ago in Demelza's post Baz was very Concerned about the possibility of Ross being involved with Shenanigans since she sorta suspected him of infidelity. So he probably checked up on Ross privately just to make sure. This was kind of awhile ago, but idk if you want a thread with Baz finding him working on the house we could, or I could wait for May if you're waiting for May reqs! But anyway I promise I don't only love Harold and Bodhi, lol
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May is perf cause I'm also dying of tags, but at the same time WHERES MY SWEET SPACE BOYFRAND?

oh precious Harold light of my life and best dad :') ERIKA I KNOW THERE ARE A MILLION TAGS BUT ALSO WHAT IF LILA SAVED HAROLD FROM HATCHIMALS. It could be a baby thread where she just whisks him away and delivers him to Reese.
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[personal profile] best_thief 2017-04-23 05:46 am (UTC)(link)

omg bless your sweet heart for indulging my obnoxious ass XDDDDD
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Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I need all the Reid and Magnus threads. Additionally, Victra and Han? I'm afraid to throw her at Bodhi because she will be terrible.
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Next gathering? Only because I'm awful at thinking up things for characters to be doing in order for them to meet.

I might tag the Bohdz then too!!
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I just wanted to say I am loving my Daine threads with Harold and Rafael. ~*~*~*~MAGIC~*~*~*~
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I think Daniel needs to meet Barba on account of his PB being a terrible terrible person on SVU.

And also eventually, he should probably meet Harold, because Peggy's trying to pull Daniel into the PoI group.

And I volunteer anyone for a date or just friendship with Bodhi, because he's the cutest.
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