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State of the Everything!

It's been many eons since I've last done one of these but here goes!

State of the Me: I'm feeling better recently than in the last couple months. For some reason, I took a horrible dip and started feeling extremely insecure and disposable. Every time I went on Twitter, I felt like I didn't belong there, which in turn made me feel all the more irrelevant. I felt like friendships I thought I could count on were fading, and I constantly worried that my existence was complete pointless. I don't know why that happened when it hasn't been that bad in a long time but it did spur a Twitter break, which helped a bit. I still have weird days when I dwell on the fact that I tend not to be someone people care to regularly talk to, but I'm trying not to let myself take it personally. I can't be online 24/7, my job doesn't allow for that like my old one usually did, so maybe that's what makes me feel so disconnected sometimes. BUT like I said, I'm doing my best not to bitch about it so much because there's really no point in that.

Instead, I've been trying to put more effort in concentrating on the good. I got to go to Disney World and act a fool with some of my faves, I've just booked a Vegas trip for February, work is going well and doesn't make me want to jump off roofs, my bf is wonderful always, one of my best friends just got a new job that serves literally the best tacos I've ever put in my mouth... so things are actually great, and it's actually nice to have written all that down.

In any case, enough about me, on with the pups :D

Newt Geizler: I have no real plans for him post Darrow-2, where he got his dumb ass arrested. He might gloat about helping to close the breach... but I have no massive plot ideas for him right now other than maybe trying to see if I can coordinate something with Team Flash. Other than that, he'll probably just need a couple good hang-out threads in November. Oh, and he still has to give Coop a piece of his mind for being his arresting officer XD But then he'll crack open a couple beers for them so it's fine~

Kili: He just got married, and he's stoked on that! Except Fili has now disappeared from Darrow, which he's just a little less stoked about. November will likely see him dealing with that. Maybe he'll get a little more aggressive with the vamp patrolling he does or get into a rage fight or something. If anyone would like to help him work through his sad, let me know!

Spencer Reid: This betch always has stuff going on. Of course, he and Luke are engaged so they're working on their wedding plans, but they're also hoping to foster Jack. I don't have anything super plotty going on with him right now other than working toward the wedding and fostering but if anyone does want to thread with him for anything in particular, I'm up for it. Otherwise, he'll continue being super schmoopy with his stupidly attractive future husband until his bachelor party and then thE WEDDING, WHICH IS IN JUST A LITTLE OVER A MONTH WTF.

Oh, after the wedding and New Year's, I'll probably do something to mess him up. Put him in the hospital for a little bit or something, it's fine. I'm thinking it'll happen for a case so if anyone wants to get involved with some sort of small serial-killer-in-Darrow arc or something, let's talk!

Ross Poldark: Aw, Ross. He's so happy with the way things are going right now. Things are busy with a new baby, but Jeremy is almost two months old and Julia's speaking real words and Demelza is Demelza, which means everything is wonderful. Of course, he's never satisfied for very long so he already has it in his mind that he'd like to build his family an actual house somewhere out in the countryside or possibly near the water. In secret, of course. He has a thread going to get reacquainted with some pups who will eventually help him with the house, so it's really nice to have him threading with people he can actually become friends with. Really, his only friends were Andrea and Galen but Andrea is gone, which he will never openly admit to being very sad about.

In any case, if anyone else would like to get in on the building or just be Ross's friend, step right up. I'd also eventually like to get him involved in a fight because he's Ross Poldark, and it's been too long since he's last been in any real trouble so he could probably use a partner-in-crime for that, too. Maybe around Thanksgiving or Christmas :D

Han Solo: I want to get this guy back into the smuggling ring. Of all my pups, he's probably the one I have the most trouble with, just because I don't necessarily know what to do with him or where to start. He had a thread with Luke a little while back where he found out about magical knick-knacks that would probably go for a pretty penny so I might have him take on a few jobs like that before trying to lead him to something bigger, whatever that may be. If anyone has any ideas or would like to coordinate some kind of joint job with him, come at me, I'd love to figure something out!

Harold Finch: My plottiest pup right now! Harold is busy recruiting for a new team. Obviously, there's no Machine in Darrow to help with providing Numbers of people who need to be saved, but Harold figures he and John can get by, especially if they have new help. Right now, he's still in the process of also getting together the appropriate equipment to get started, but he's scouted out some of the old abandoned warehouses for a possible headquarters. Names that have come up for the team are: Dutch, Karen, and Peggy. Yay for the ladies!

If anyone else is interested in possibly working with Team Machine Deux, feel free to drop a line. They'd basically just be doing things like hacking and shooting kneecaps to keep people safe 8))))

Future Pups: There are a couple characters I would love to bring to the game. One is Danny Holt from London Spy, who I already have on reserve. I had hoped to bring him in for this month but damn, time does fly. I didn't make reqs in September so I'll have to hold out until the end of November or sometime in December, but he's coming. I've been wanting to play him since the show aired so it's going to happen. I mean, it's Ben Whishaw. How can I not bring him? XD

The other character I'd love to bring in is Andrew DeLuca from Grey's Anatomy. He's just such a precious flower who deserves so much better????????????????? He's seriously one of the sweetest characters on that show, I can't even live, and I think he'd be a great friend for a lot of pups who need one in Darrow. Also, look at his stupid face, wtf even is this snickerdoodle-loving animal?

OKAY, that has been the state of the errythang. Bless you if you read this far, I tried to keep it pretty short. I always want to thread with everyone so please let me know if you ever want to set something up <333333
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I just woke up so apologies for rambliness, typos, and ALL THAT JAZZ.

BACHELOR PARTY SOONISH YES? Alec has been doing research. HE IS READY to utterly fail at best man-ing in that regard. Just lemme know when you want that to get rolling and I will send all of Reid's frands to a strip club because THAT'S WHAT THE INTERNET SAID TO DO.

SORRY NEWT SORRY. Coop should be at Magnus' Halloween party if he wants a place to yell.

EXCITED about finally giving Dutch some kind of purpose. SHE WAS NEEDING ONE BADLY.

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[personal profile] truest_heart 2016-10-31 12:09 pm (UTC)(link)

Awesome awesome, I will prolly post the bachelor party sometime in early/mid Nov to give maximum playtime for everyone who wants to tag.


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I just want to say that even though we don't talk as much as we used to I consider you one of my favorite people and you are never getting rid of me so there. :P But also, please feel free to e-mail me if you ever want someone to vent to. I left twitter for similar reasons you mentioned here; I totally get feeling isolated like that, and I would be happy to help in any way that I can.

Also I know I dropped the ball on our thread with Ross and Marius but I would to thread them again/have them be friends! I don't know if Ross is going to Magnus' party, but I'm always happy to set up a private thread too.

Also Danny Holt/Ben Whishaw. A+.
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[personal profile] waitingtobelit 2016-10-31 11:19 am (UTC)(link)
<33333 I miss you on Twitter as well! And everyone, really. But especially you. Who knows? I might return someday! I think a Twitter break helps a lot with getting myself together and everything. I would love to chat soon! Things are going great with me and I hope things look up for you soon. <3333

Either way works for me! I think they'll make really cute friends. :D

Yes! He breaks my heart in that show so much. <3
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<4444444444444 FOR ALWAYS OKAY? OKAY.

Where do I begin~~

Newt and Kate shenanigans are always some of my faves. Even when it's not plot heavy, like them almost getting caught in that not-haunted house last year lmaooooo. We should just play out Always Sunny plots with these two, it's not like that insanity is even out of character for either of them. XD Also maybe we could shape up a kaiju home plot in the new year?

Beth is always there for Kili, OF COURSE. She'll do anything he needs, so if you want a thread, you know I'm up for that.

REID IN THE HOSPITAL = LUKE ON THE WARPATH. Which I figured you knew already, but just so we're clear. XD In November I'll start writing stuff up for the wedding and maybe we can post it early in December or late in November to give time for pre-play. Did they decide to write their own vows? Did we decide anything on that? And maybe I will email you and Di regarding Jack, since I'm sure that would be moving forward by now.

If my Lincoln app goes through I reaaaaaally want him to meet Ross. I think they would actually get along super well and he'll need friends, too. He can also help build a house, it'll give him something to do besides being sad. XD Demelza's birthday is in November, but with a baby, they'll probably just fall asleep early. I sort of had the idea that she might want to throw a fancy party once the house is built. >:D SORRY, ROSS. But also we should thread them, because I love them.

Soooo Philip and Coop are going to steal the sword from Luke's basement in the next while, if Han would want to get in on that somehow. Although maybe he wouldn't steal from Luke lmaooooo. XD Either way, Philip and Coop will be working together to steal some magical shit, so if Han won't steal from Luke, he can get in on other jobs.

Oh mannnn, so much with Finch and Reese. If you want to do a threeway thread with Peggy or Karen we can ask them for that. Also Finch should show Reese the warehouses also they are the best friends. :4
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Twitter is such a double-edged sword. I feel you 100% but you're right. You can't be on 24/7 and others aren't going to be either. It makes you feel like you're constantly connected to everything but the reality is you physically can't, and the disconnect is weird. I'm glad you're feeling better and focusing on the good. If you ever need to talk about anything, I'm here. <3

Re: Kili -- I know he and Hild just met but I think they'd be easy to make buds and she would be totally understanding to his loss.

Re: Spencer -- W E D D I N G. Any little thing you want to do with either of mine in regard to this, hit me up, I'm down already.

Re: Harold -- I don't know Person of Interest/Machine but I liked Harold and Hild's little thread??? She can't hack but she can bust kneecaps with pretty much any staff-like thing.