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State of the Pup, March 2014

Well, this is easy.

Newt Geiszler:

Newt's going through some shit. He's trying to work through what happened to him (for those who might not know, he was stabbed about a month ago) and is going to be having a lot of internal struggle as a result of that for a long time. The whole situation put a certain degree of fear in him that he's not used to so if he's a little jumpier, a little more twitchy, a little more nervous than usual, please excuse him. He's trying.

He's also still hobbling around on crutches (I keep writing crotches smh) but will be graduating to a cane soon. This means, though, that I likely wouldn't have him participate in plots that are overly physical. He's an idiot and still runs around the city against all advice of any kind but he won't be jumping hurdles or anything like that for at least six more hours.

Aside from dealing with the stabbing, he's working out what to do with this engagement ring. He's going to ask Kate to marry him but the when and where and how are all up in the air. They're still going strong as ever, though, of course, even if he's hesitant to talk about what's going on with him to her or to anyone. I think in the near future, he's going to have to finally give in and spill it all--if anyone wants to be on the receiving end of that, let me know.

All that being said, Newt still wants to be around people. It's being alone that freaks him out the most right now and thus, I'll be attempting to tag in to more EPs. Now that I don't have any vacations on the books for at least five or six months, it'll be easier to keep the flow of threads going. As always, if anyone's interested in plotting anything, you know I'm up for it!

Potential Queue:
John Mitchell (Being Human UK, reserved)
Danny Mahealani (Teen Wolf)
Burton Guster (Psych)
Chuck Shurley (Supernatural)
Sarah Walker (Chuck)
Mark Sloan (Grey's Anatomy)
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KATE WOULD LIKE TO BE ON THE RECEIVING END OF THAT. >:DDD I mean that in terms of the spilling it all, but y'know.

Homeplot soon, so engagement ring after that, yes? Also I have other stuff, but I'll probably just DM you about that.
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That sounds wrong~~~~~

Yesssss, engagement ring after that. Though right now, Newt's just like bzuhhhh???? about it rofl.
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YEP. And that's exactly how it sound be. :DDDD

NEWT, JUST STOP. It's fiiiiiiiiine. It'll be better after they get tiny chucks resolved. And homeplotting. He can ask all the alters for their blessing.
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They're disgusting.

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Worst/best/worst/most adorable.

Did it work? Do you feel better? Get lots of sleep tonight!
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Newt and Marius can totally be cane buddies! Also, as Marius is also going through stuff, maybe they can bond over that? :D

Also, cannot wait to see your John Mitchell!
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They can, I'm going to have him mention Combeferre at some point during the thread they have going so maybe that will put Marius at ease a little more? Idk what their relationship is like in the book/musical/movie XDDD

I'm also excited to see my John Mitchell! I need to do another re-watch, though, I haven't even started the app yet.
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Oh good! It will probably startle Marius at this point, because he hasn't seen Combeferre yet. LOL their relationship is pretty interesting - basically, they get into an argument about Napoleon and Combeferre shuts Marius down in three words. But in Marius' thread with Combeferre, they're kind of past that now. Basically, lots of French boy feelings. :D

I still have to finish the first season. You apping him is going to be my motivation for that. XD
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LOL, I apologize in advance for the angsty reaction Newt might get anyway~

Yay! Because my life hasn't been ruined enough, damn it Aidan Turner.
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Great motto to have! :D


I can't even imagine; I would probably die or at the very least freak out.
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Alex is just shaking her head at Newt's inability to not be an idiot. (although there's a level of pot-kettle involved in that, so... )
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Hee! And yet, he doesn't have the sense to not go out and get himself hurt.
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Newt needs to meet Avery because I feel weird when Newt hasn't met one of my pups.
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No, no, my apologies. I get overwhelmed easily and usually close things around 5 tags. I think this one got to 7 or something, lol.
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Wayul, it's totally canon that Saffron can get people to talk about stuff they might not normally share (see: Mal) so she's available for him to spill to if you would like? :D

MITCHELLLLLLLLL yay I'm so glad you reserved him, I love that moody vamp.