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SotP - May 2016

I guess I should do one of these because it's been 84 years!

State of the Me: The last couple weeks, I've been so stressed out because of work. Not because I dislike my job or anything, I enjoy it more than any other job I've ever had before, but because of all these new things that are happening all at once. First, my supervisor Lu announced he's leaving the HI office to go to the office in San Diego. I'm happy for him, but I'm also a bit sad because we got along really well, and he always made me laugh throughout the day so it made for a really fun work environment. My co-workers will carry on the trend, of course, they're lovely, and the supervisor taking over is pretty funny, too--but I'll still miss him. There's also the fact that he always wanted to know how I wanted to move forward in my career at the company, and he ended up making his last major mission to get me promoted before he left.

And I have been! Thanks to my supervisor, I was taken off the orientation period early and was allowed to post for a job as a medical claims adjuster. That happened a little over a week ago, like this: Tues-off orientation, post for job; Weds-meeting with one of the department supes to briefly discuss the job; Thurs-interview; Fri-assessment. I thought I did well on the interview but was so certain I'd bombed the assessment that I felt sick all throughout last weekend. I didn't do any tags because I went shopping and watched Person of Interest the rest of the time in an effort to keep myself from really having to think about anything, which would have inevitably led back to what I felt had been a failure. I didn't really want to talk about it because I'd written about applying on Twitter and was embarrassed because I was then sure I wouldn't get the job.

Throughout this past week, I've been actively avoiding going over toward that department in the office because I didn't want to face any of the supervisors. But on Friday, the job was officially offered to me, and they told me I did great on both the interview and the assessment, so I was shocked! I don't feel the same joy I did when I first got my job at the company, but I think it will come. I think right now, I'm still so overwhelmed by everything that led up to it that it hasn't quite settled in yet, but I am definitely relieved and happy to know that I'm skipping an entire second tier of the claims career ladder and going straight to the third. I think some people in my department are a little surprised (aka a little jealous because I'm still very new), but I don't even care. I've worked really hard, I do my job well, and I think I earned it. So yay XD

I didn't realize how much I really needed to write that out, wow, apologies. In other news, I'll be traveling to Europe with Leah in just over a week for two weeks so that's another whirlwind of a thing to look forward to, I really need the vacation time. I haven't gone this long without a break from work in ages, so excited to get off the island for a bit!

That being said, I will probably be doing next to no tags in May, consider I'll be gone for the majority of it, which means I'll need threads for June. If anyone is interested, here's an idea of what's going on with my pups!


Newt is chillin', as usual. Got that new condo he's enjoying and things are going well. He's working on zombie stuff with Kirin, so that's exciting for him but other than that, Newt's just being Newt. This guy's good for threads where people just want to shoot the shit for easy reqs or something, or if anyone's pups are looking to make a friend. Of all my characters, he's probably the one I can get away with throwing pretty much anywhere for absolutely no reason so I'm down for anything. Also, Newt still needs to take Chuck for a Very Special Teeth Cleaning at Crentist & Sons so if anyone wants to go with them to get hopped up on an accidental laughing gas overdose, feel free to join 8))))


Kili also just moved somewhere new, albeit in the same building he was already in, with Tauriel! They've also gotten engaged so if anyone has a pup who's a friend of his, they surely know about it by now because he'd be incapable of keeping a lid on it XD Not that there's a reason to, he's very happy. Eventually, there will be a wedding but for right now, I think he'll be content just to be hanging with friends or making new ones. If anyone's looking to thread with him, he's always up for going out for target practice. Or more bar fights. Bar fights are fun for him :D


Reid is..................... well, ridiculously in love, as always. At some point in the near future, he'll definitely be proposing to Luke so that will kill me dead. However, Jason is gone now and so is his partner Will Graham, so friends might notice he's a little quieter than usual because they're the first two people he's gotten quite close to who have disappeared. Reid doesn't do very well with change like that. I think it's actually perfect timing for doing the AA/NA post I'd mentioned on Twitter a few weeks back so will definitely put that up when I come back, if someone hasn't already done it first.

There's also the matter of the vampire brothel, which I meant to resolve ages ago but keep pushing back because other plotty stuff is going on. IT'LL COME TO AN END EVENTUALLY, and he'll probably then try to dig deeper into the KIRIN stuff because ain't nobody takin' his boo again, nope. I'm also interested in kind of doing a shorter arc that's more Criminal Minds-style so if anyone who has pups that work for the police or who could be used as a consultant of some sort, whether it be for forensic or medical purposes, let me know! This will probably lead to a Danger Zone of some sort, too, if you're into that kinda thing.


Ross made a friend! ON HIS OWN! It's pretty remarkable, he's befriended the one person who's not already friends with his wife -- mostly because they're played by the same person, oop, sorry not sorry. No, but it's encouraging him to branch out a bit more so I think that's really great. His fave Demelza is pregnant with their second baby, so he's definitely excited about that, and I've found that he actually tends to get along best with people who have kids of their own. That's not to say those are the only pups he'd get along with, of course. I think he'd also do well with younger people, too, he'd try to do nice things for them without really letting on that he's trying to do nice things. But anyone is welcome to poke the bear, even if he can be a bit prickly at first.

When I come back, I'll finally be bringing him his beloved horse as an item, so that's something I'll look forward to because it'll make him so. damn. happy. XD


Han is pretty much cruisin' right now. Being around Rey makes him feel the kind of fambam feelings that he's totes trying to stifle, it's fine. He's also developed a bit of a crush on Adaline, but he has no real expectations, just very much enjoys her company and generally being around her. More frands would be good for this guy, he secretly likes having frands. He's also started working at Semele's as a bartender so if anyone's looking for him, he can be found there often, which I suppose makes socializing quite a bit easier. I don't have any long-term plot idea for him right now but if anyone would like to propose something, I'm all for it. A smuggly-type job would not be something he'd decline, end subtle hint.


Future Plans: If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed I've fallen into the black hole that is Person of Interest on Neflix. Bruh, this show got to me, it got to me real good, to the point that I've temporarily benched my intended next pup Danny from London Spy (he's still coming because I mean, come on, BEN WHISHAW AND ALL THE PRESH AND THE CREYS). I just brought Harold Finch to the top of my queue instead, and I've definitely got ideas of how I'd have him adjust and adapt to the Darrow life. I can't say much about him because Y'ALL SHOULD JUST GO WATCH THE SHOW, but I love this character so much and am so excited to bring him into the game soon. I think his dynamics with a lot of pups in game would be a blast to play.

Also, I think I would bring his dog Bear (okay, he has joint custody, whatever) along with him because Bear is magical.


If you made it this far, thanks for sticking with me and definitely let me know if you're up for any threads!

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