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SotP - December 2014


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SMH, I have the one pup. ANYWAY, that pup is my pocket-sized science prince, sweet Newton Geiszler. What's he even up to these days, idek but here's an attempt at summarizing:

-He's enjoying married life to Kate. It's awesome, as far as he's concerned, and not much has changed in general in terms of how functioning their relationship is. A new addition to their little family is Seymour the kaiju skin louse, but he stays at the lab because a big bucket of ammonia in the apartment isn't going to fly.

-Newt and Kate are plotting to get Mindy and Danny together right now because they are the best partners-in-crime ever who just want to look out for their buds, okay? It's whatever, it's fine.

-Newt's been working on a murder case with Flavia up at Kagura. Let's see how long Flavia lasts before she wants to toss Newt down a flight of stairs.

-Frankenstein's Creature has invited Newt to call him Bro so henceforth, Bro is how he shall be known.

-Newt's making new friends all over, which I absolutely love because he's always such a weirdly social little butterfly, popping up everywhere and ruining everyone's lives. This one is super important because Newt needs all the friends for when I eventually and inevitably just fuck him up again. I DON'T KNOW WHEN, I DON'T KNOW HOW, BUT IT'S GOTTA HAPPEN AT SOME POINT OR I WOULDN'T BE ME. THIS IS 2 REAL.

So yes, this is very brief SotP but also a call for any plottage you might want to use him in or just general meetings you and yours would like to have with him one day. He gets along with pretty much everyone, it's just a matter of whether your pup can stand the endless chatter and jittery excitement and wild hand gestures at all times :D FTR, I don't think he'll get an EP until sometime in January because I've been having a lot of luck in just top-leveling him in gatherings but that doesn't mean that I'm not up for private posts! All anyone ever needs to do is drop me a line.

Foreseeable Queue:

Kili (The Hobbit)
Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)

Feel free to hit me up with anything, big or small or not even about this <333333

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