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SoTP January 2014

State of Darrow's Resident Pocket-Sized Science Prince: Newton Geiszler

all the right friends in all the right places.

I am so outrageously delighted by all the friends Newt has made in Darrow. Considering the fact that most people found him decidedly alienating and/or way too irritating to deal with in the Shatterdome, the fact that he has people here who are actually willing to listen to him and carry on an extended conversation with him is pretty wonderful. He's so chatty and rarely finds a reason to stop talking, so it's been great fun to just throw him at every character I can to see who he gels with best.

I love that he's got all these wonderfully grumpy and/or super masculine bros and a fabulous group of lady friends to keep him out of trouble. HA, false, never out of trouble but at least he's thoroughly entertained. Of course, he could always use more lovely souls in his Darrow family, and he needs more people he can be bitchy with, too. Owen, Derek and Sloan have been great people he can be super snappy and sardonic, and I would love to see more of that. That's not to say that I don't love him having the more ~tender friendships, too, it's such a nice way to show a different side of him.

the vacancy that sat in my heart is a space that you now hold.

Yeah, Newt's life is pretty sweet right now. He's got those previously mentioned buds and a great job at the lab and the best girlfriend ever. He never would have foreseen a relationship like this happening, especially not in a place he initially wanted out of with every part of his being. Kate, in the relatively short time they've been dating, has changed his life in so many ways--and for the better.

I legitimately can't even write about their relationship right now because they are so goddamn in love with each other, it's diabetes-inducing. But he would truly do anything for her and if anyone tries to mess with her, he will make every attempt to kick some ass with his 5'7" self. He's saved the world, okay, he can totally stand up to mean people. He'll just like, annoy them to death or something.

we're concentrating on falling apart.

Wouldn't it be sweet to bring a kaiju into Darrow? It would be sweet.

As far as future plots go, I have so many ideas that I don't even remember half of them anymore. A lot of them have to do with Kate--though some will have cause to get friends involved--but one in particular that I decided today that I want to do involves Newt somehow losing his smarts. I'll probably go a more cartoon-ish route and say it's from a bad bump to the head. Basically, he becomes Charlie Kelly aka an illiterate mess with the education of a second-grader.

I am always interested in exploring situations that give the character a way to evolve, though, so if you need his help with anything or want to involve him in anything your characters are doing, I guarantee I'll say yes. Newt's also struggling with having the memories of the kaiju hivemind still in his head and recent developments have given way to the discovery that he, let's say flashes on these memories in especially aggravating and stressful situations. The flashes cause him to have debilitating headaches and nosebleeds until he's able to get back to a state of calm. If anyone's interested in playing off that--at least until he tries to get it fixed, which is also in the cards for the future--I'm totally down.

Oh, also coma in February. Blame Leah and vacations. And Newt, I guess, he's just so qt when he's unconscious. If any beautiful souls want to assist in helping him during this difficult time, your services will be appreciated.

the future freaks me out.

The next character I app will probably be John Mitchell from Being Human.

Also imminent: Juliet Burke from Lost

Sarah Walker from Chuck

and Southern belle Gary Oldman from the life-altering film Tip Toes

(but only if Carly apps Peter Dinklage).

This concludes this very long State of the Pup. Good night and good luck.

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