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SotP - December 2016

Since oodles of people are doing this right now, I am adding mine to the mix XD

State of the Me: Personally, I am doing well! I'm extremely busy at work and it's that time of year where basically our entire department is behind with our claims so sometimes I stay late or come in early just to keep myself from getting even more behind. That means some days, I'm working up to 11 hours so when I get home, my brain is fried, which definitely makes it hard to tag. That's why I decided to abandon reqs for December, I needed to give myself the chance to catch up with the threads I do have and gear the older ones toward a good stopping point. When January comes along, I anticipate securing a good number of threads in the NYE post.

Newt is more or less doing nothing of note right now. He and Chuck need to have a Crentist adventure, in which they will be getting high as fuq on laughing gas, which has been a plan for like 84 years now. When is it ever a good time to send your pup to the dentist to get them accidentally high? In any case, Newt's birthday is also in January so maybe a party thread at the condo is in order or something, depending on what NYE plot is. I'm just always happy to do batty shit with this one.

Kili is still very sad over his brother's disappearance. I feel like it might be good to get him a little reckless rather than keep him grieving, just to move him toward really accepting he won't see Fili again. The first time around, he didn't have to deal with it long because, y'know, he died; but this time, he knows what Fili went back to so he's having a really hard time letting anything go. I'm thinking he could probably throw himself back into vampire patrolling or something and maybe taking on a little too much on his own. If anyone wants to step in to help with that a situation like that, definitely let me know!

Reid is a happy little bean right now, everything in his life is excellent. He's married, he and Luke have taken Jack in, nothing in Darrow has been too batshit lately... Overall, he's in a really good place and enjoying that very much. I believe Luke is doing the sex-switch in January so that'll throw him for a loop but hell, he loves his husband in any form, they'll be just fine. Since that plot is next month, I think I'll jack him up a month or two after by setting up some kind of case for him. Maybe there's a pop-up serial killer running amok in Darrow? If anyone wants to talk plot for something like that and involve their pups somehow, hollah at me.

Oh, I'm also thinking of giving him a mean item. I don't think I've given him an item yet? I honestly can't remember but anyway, SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE SHOW RECENTLY/EVER I MEAN THIS ISN'T LIKE A LIFE-CHANGING SPOIELR OR ANYTHING BUT IT'S STILL A SPOILER SO IF YOU'RE STILL READING THIS IS NOW TOTALLY ON YOU LIKE FOR REAL YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO JUST KEEP MOVING ON TO THE PRETTY GIF BUT OKAY FINE I think I might send him the results of his mom's testing that show she's developed dementia. I don't want to canon update him because his life only continues to be hard in the show but there's been an implication in the most recent ep that there's something a little wrong with what's going on in Reid's head so I'm interested in poking that bear. I don't want to take it very far, but it's something he's been able to kind of put in the back of his mind lately so I think it would be interesting to bring it back up again, especially now that he's got an actual family.

Han is just kind of around. I haven't given him a whole lot to do, just because I'm not really sure where to start when it comes to getting him back into the whole smuggling gig. I like the idea of him pulling the double life kind of thing, hiding his more illegal hobbies from his friends, then eventually getting caught by someone who definitely wouldn't approve and seeing where that goes... but I have to figure out logistics on that, as well as who that could happen with, which might take a little bit of time. We'll see how it goes.

Ross is another one who's in a good place right now. He's working on the secret house building for Demelza but hasn't started building yet. At this point, I'd say he's probably been able to secure a loan and a contractor, and he'd be working on coming up with the layout of the house. He's got a team of friends who have volunteered to help build so that whole thing will probably start in another month or so. In the meantime, he's just being cute with his wife and kids.

Harold has officially started Team No Machine, which had its first meeting. Now, he's just trolling for a mission. I know Cindy is going to be getting involved with the team soon, and they'll be setting their sights on KIRIN so I think that'll be fun. I just love that Finch and Reese put together another group of badass ladies for their team, they make great choices. In any case, if anyone has ideas on a mission the team can pursue, which can definitely involve your own pup, I'd love to hear them! It can be anything from catching a creeper to something much bigger than that, Team No Machine wants to help~

He's also quietly entertained by playing matchmaker for John and Karen. Oops, he reassigned them for a task that doesn't even really need two people again? Very strange, indeed.

Future: I think I'm putting Danny from London Spy on the backburner again. I love him to pieces but now that the first season of The Exorcist is over, I'd still love to see if I can make playing Tomas work. I really enjoyed putting him in the Test Drive, that was unexpectedly a whole lot of fun, and I think we got just enough extra backstory for him in the finale that I can better understand his motivations.

The other character I'm thinking about bringing in is Credence from Fantastic Beasts. I threw him in this most recent TD and am also really enjoying playing him, plus he's so unlike any of the other pups I already play. He's extremely vulnerable and damaged right now, but I think that gives him a lot of potential to grow, especially in a place like Darrow. Playing out a journey for him interests me a great deal, I just have to decide who I'd want to bring in first! Hot priest or precious bb Obscurical?

By the by, I wouldn't be at all adverse to starting private posts now to link for January for anyone who'd like a head start on those reqs. It doesn't have to be plot-related or even related to anything I mentioned in this post. If you just want our pups to shoot the shit, I'm all for it :) Thanks for reading!
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Imagine the worm in the icon yelling it, and it makes it even better.
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harold pls. pls. (I love Team No Machine so much, though, and sorry I've been so slow! I have our thread open to tag back right now. :D)

I VOTE HOT PRIEST, GIMME. I'm probs gonna bring Kat in February or March or so, but the finale deeeefinitely cemented that for me. (You're goddamn right I'm bringing her from after That Thing That Happened.)
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YESSSSS OKAY. I will make that his top level, even, and then we'll HAVE to do it. :D

GOOD because I think I owe you a couple others that are pretty old, too. XD I've just been uuuuseless this week, since getting home. But yes, taking a break will probably help! I decided not to go for December reqs, too, which turned out to be a really good idea with how far behind I am now, and this way we can both be all ~refreshed to jump into January, or something.

hdjfksg THAT REALLY GOOD TIME LMAOOOOO. Anywhere in that ep would be great, probably. I don't know exaaaactly what point I'm going to go with yet — I might wait and see what Ashley decides to do with Angela — but I just know I want Kat to have to deal with Aforementioned Thing because that's kind of insta-plot in itself. Also super fucking badass. MY SMALL GAY DAUGHTER.

(Personally I think it would be awesome if you bring him right from That One Line, just for maximum wtfery when people tag him, I'm just saying.)
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That sounds exhaaaaausting, and about where I've been tag-wise, too, only getting through a very few a day. A change like that is hard, though! Case in point, it's been a week and I'm still readjusting to being three hours later than I was in Cali! Hopefully things will settle down after the holiday/you'll adjust to the different hours and it'll all work itself out. <3

I mean, IT COULD BE. IT IS TRUE. And yeah, I really like the potential in it? The show seems to suggest that, post-accident, she couuuuld potentially have eventually recovered and danced again one day (the girls in the company saying there's a place for her there when she's ready, Chris suggesting that she move somewhere there's a dance school), but that's DEFINITELY not the case anymore, so there's a lot to work with there. And UGH JUST WHAT A GREAT MOMENT. I'm so glad we actually have a few of these characters showing up, too, I'm really excited to explore/build some of the interpersonal relationships that there isn't really time for on the show, since, you know, demon.

shdfkgs YES GOOD. just shouting it in someone's face and the other person being like ?????????????
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Leaving on time is good!! And, hey, sometimes you just gotta crash super early. XD <3333333333

RIGHT? AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It'll be so nice to get to do the same with these characters. They're all so interesting, too, and have so much going on that the others don't or might not know about, so there's so much to build on. I got SO excited the other month when I saw Tomas in the meme. XD And not just because I like his face. Though his face def doesn't hurt.

I mean, if there's anywhere that might be necessary...
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Yoooo I volunteer Terry for being friends with Han and any general shenanigans that can happen with a baby in tow (or with a babysitter).
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Raven is always up for babysitting if Terry needs to get up to shenanigans, as you know.
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Reid and Raven should thread! I imagine he's been @ the school with Luke before now that non-powered ppl are allowed in?
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NOTHING'S going on at the school, tbh, they have no students but I'm hoping in 2017 more powered ppl will find out about it and start to visit. I think Leah said Reid would have known at some point but I might be putting words in her mouth.
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Oh yes. Um. I'm happy for him to know that she's a mutant. Prior to lots of visitors for bb Sean it was mostly just Terry, Luke, Raven and sometimes Lucy around so Raven would probably have defaulted to her blue form most of the time so that's fine. ALLES GUT.

UM, that would be fucking AMAZING. I'm gonna tag him in the next TD for sure!
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There's no rush! I can put something up too. She also has a private EP, if you want to see her in her cool Apocalypse suit.

Omg, I have so many feelings about him. He'd do really well there, I think.
Edited 2016-12-19 07:13 (UTC)
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Bless u.

I'm still not over how dark that movie was. In a good way? It'll be interesting for him and Raven to meet bc she's definitely been abused in the past even if there's no specifics. And she's spent a lot of time hiding/harboring her true self bc of that. IDK FEELINGS.
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THAT WAS YOU IN TEST DRIVE AS CREDENCE?!?! dskjfmknfk That made me so happy, you don't even know.

I'll be the lone vote for precious bb Obscurial over here~ Your Credence is PERFECT and I just want to cuddle him and tell him how worthy he is of being loved ugh precious child. If you do bring him to Darrow, I can guarantee that Newt will adopt him.

But seriously I love all of your pups and I'm always excited to see who bring to the game! I would love to thread Marius and Ross again? Maybe out walking in the countryside or something? I am really enjoying their friendship. :D

Also, if I do get Newt, I want to throw him at your Newt. Because...reasons.
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I haven't seen The Exorcist show but judging by the sheer amount of pups I've seen people talking about/in TD, I should clearly give it a watch! Tomas sounds super interesting and I look forward to seeing him in Darrow! I would love to see Credence get something of a happy ending (and lots of hugs) in Darrow, too! I hope you get the chance to play him, because he is so delightful! And yes! Ezra has the most precious face, bless him. And yay! I am loving their TD thread too!

That would be great! LOL the last time Marius went on a horseback ride was with Courfeyrac and that...ended well, let's just say. He would totally be down with going again with Ross though! Would you like me to put up a start for that?

LOL right? It's fine. Newt and Newt with a bunch of magical creatures. It can only end well~ (Poor Kate. XD)
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Only ten episodes? Wow that's not long at all! I will definitely have to check it out; I enjoyed the movie so much but this show looks absolutely great! Newt will provide hugs, will let Credence visit his case/all the magical creatures, and tell him repeatedly how important he is. And lol yay new haircut! Have you seen Ezra speaking about that bowl cut in interviews? It's so great. XD

By 'ending well' I mean that Marius fell off the horse and on his face. XD But I mean, there's that whole saying of if you fall off a horse get back up and ride it again right? I am so down for A+++ bro time! I can put up the start after I get out of work tonight! I'll link you when it's up.

I cannot wait for these two nerds to meet. Newt will totally geek out and ask all sorts of awkward and inappropriate questions about kaiju. XD
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YES! *____* I adore both of these nerds so much. I can't wait for the next film for many reasons, but especially to see them together on the press tour! <3

Also, this:


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I'm sorry this took me so long to get up!

The post is here whenever you get the chance. :)
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So I think, in order to keep my shit together, I'm going to vaguely schedule plot stuff~ So January is Luke finds himself waking up as a woman. XD Maybe also in January, if you're into it, Han can run across Philip and Coop doing some job. They're building up to stealing the sword from Luke at some point. Maybe we can also do a private thread in January with Ross acting sketchy about the house and Demelza being like WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING???

Also also is Newt going to disappear on NYE and Kate will find herself getting a call later to pick up her super high husband and friend. Because she will be -____- but I will be :DDDD

I always want threads with Beth and Kili because they're the cutest and best friends ever, so if you need her for anything there, I'm happy about it.

And jfc, poor Reid. Luke will do everything and anything he can to help, of course, even if that just involves holding his hand and being there. ;____; Best husbands.

TOMASSSSSSS. I think I'm going to put Marcus on reserve tonight. >.>
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OKAY SO. Threads/starts for January:
- Girl!Luke and Reid OBVIOUSLY.
- Han should catch Philip and Coop in the act~ so I'll talk to Trace about that.
- OMG, TIMESHARE SUCKERING YES. Kate will be so mad.
- Kili being a broody little butt to Beth, I am all about this.
- Demelza and Ross being cranky. XD

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Ugh I never know how to get mine involved in plots with yours but ...? This is me going LOOK AT ALL THESE PRETTY/BIZARRE/PRETTILY BIZARRE people i want them.

Oh, but, Grantaire adores Jack so maybe that's a good in to get him to befriend Reid (and Luke).
Also sort of always down for him getting himself into trouble, so there's that.

I want a serial killer in Darrow. A+ to this idea.
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Reid and Nikita need to chat again so she can be very very cagey at him. And happy for him, but mostly cagey.

Nikita and Han should probably thread again too. She thought he was cute.
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She is so far maintaining that she has no idea what KIRIN is and she certainly wasn't involved with it (and she definitely doesn't have all of Phil's files now that he's gone). I'm happy to have Reid pry and even call her on an obstructionist answer or fifteen, especially since he's still going to be careful about how he pries. What he has going for him is that she genuinely likes him, and she's always willing to be more honest with those she likes.

NYE sounds good! I'll find a fabulous dress and she will look smashing.