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SOTP September

Quick and dirty SOTP, I don't even have gifs because MY WORK COMPUTER FREEZES THEM >:OOOO

Me: I feel like I have less time to tag lately with work being as busy and shorthanded as it is but at the same time, I also feel like I'm keeping up fairly well with tags. I've developed a new system for keeping track of things, and I think it's helped me a lot so that's good news. Some days, I feel like trash and someone nobody wants to play with because obviously, I'm despised as a person in general, but I'm trying to keep my brain from thinking things like that.

That being said, I would love to start threads with anyone who's interested so if you read anything below that strikes your fancy, please comment/email/tweet/whatever and we can talk! :D

Newt: Still just cruisin' and enjoying his life as husband to the actual best wife in the world. I don't have any big plot plans for this fool but honestly, he seems do to okay just hanging around. If anyone does want to involve him in anything in particular, I'm all for it, but I'm not very worried about him at all when it comes to keeping him active with things to do. He's the kind of character who can just show up places and hang.

Kili: With Fili's disappearance coming up, he's going to be a goddamn wreck. Most of his time will be spent trying to find his brother, and he's really going to need his friends and Tauriel to help him get through this. He'll also be a little more reckless during this time, so he'll probably be getting into more fights or wailing a little harder on vampires while trying to get information (because in working with Reid "off-screen," it will be determined that Fili was taken by vamps) so if your pup wants to come across him looking a little more beaten up than usual, I'm all for it. Or if you'd rather have your pup help him kick some more ass, that would be great, too.

Reid: He's FANTASTIC right now. There's very little that could really bring him down at the moment because of his new relationship with Luke, and he's just so happy. It's probably a great time to meet him, though I do plan to have a private post up later for those who want to get involved with helping him trail Fili, Rae, and Padme. He's going to realize fairly quickly that the link there is that they've all spoken to him about the vampire situation and ultimately, I plan on using their disappearances to advance his investigation.

As of right now, my idea is to eventually have him discover that a particular group of vampires have formed a brothel of sorts, where people can go and have their blood sucked because they get off on it for a price. The murders that he's been investigating are basically acts of retribution, lessons to be taught to those who haven't been able to pay up. If anyone wants to be more a part of this plot, too, please let me know because I think it could be fun. Obviously, solving this case will not rid Darrow of vampires or anything like that but at the very least, the brothel thing can get shut down (until/unless someone decides to start it up again).

BUT yes, looking into the disappearances comes first so please feel free to get involved!

Okay, so that's what I've got so far. Again, if you see anything here you want to get involved with or even have any other ideas for how our pups can meet, I'm open to pretty much anything! <33333

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